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Coffee.. It's more than just caffeine!

Now, before you start to read this week's blog you may want to grab yourself your favorite cup of joe and sit somewhere relaxing, otherwise you'll want to by the time you are finished reading. Quick fun fact: once upon a time governments tried to ban coffee because they thought it stimulated radical thinking. I don’t know about you, but we are sure glad they finally came to their senses! 

If there is one thing the four of us can agree on, it's that coffee is absolutely an essential way to start our mornings. Our entire family loves coffee which is why there is no doubt that when we are all together we go through several pots of coffee that coincidentally come with an argument about who is going to brew the next pot. 

We each like our typical morning cup of coffee, but in slightly altered ways. Olivia takes hers with milk while Tabby uses heavy cream with one spoon full of brown sugar. Meanwhile, Kendra takes hers extra hot with a little milk, while Gina adds a heavy pour of creamer (typically hazelnut or caramel). A little background story: growing up our dad always drank his coffee either black or with a little milk. Then us girls started bringing home hazelnut creamer, and now our dad along with all of us are hooked! 

The simpler the coffee the better, but from time to time we do like to indulge in a yummy coffee treat from a local coffee shop or starbucks. If we are talking basic girl coffee, Kendra has that order down pat. Her coffee order of a “venti iced brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso with only 3 pumps of brown sugar, whole milk instead of oat milk, add chocolate cream cold foam” comes to a whopping $9.68, but she orders it every time. The rest are sweet and simple. Olivia and Tabby get a caramel latte and Gina orders either a black and white mocha with peppermint or a dirty chai tea latte. Things are about to get dangerous though because our town is officially getting a Dunkin! We will our self-control is going to have to get just a little bit stronger. 

Now, as much as coffee is a non-negotiable for mornings, you can typically catch all of us having another cup at some point throughout the day. Some days it is simply because we enjoy the taste, while other days we need that extra kick of caffeine to make it to bed time. 

Coffee is just one of those things that makes life just a touch sweeter and waking up with that fresh cup of Foldgers will never get old. So, what’s your favorite way to drink coffee?


Olivia, Tabby, Gina, & Kendra

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