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Where We Started

Welcome to Steckler Family Meat Co.!


Officially, our business started in early 2022 with an idea of selling our family's beef more locally to neighbors, friends, family, and community. Farming has been traced back in our ancestry since 1848 when the family immigrated from Nieder-Liebersbach, Germany. The land we farm today has been in the family since 1958 when our grandparents (Gilbert and Mary Steckler) brought their growing family to our current farm location. They raised 17 children milking cows and creating their homestead. They instilled in all their children a strong work ethic and a deep Christian faith. Grandma and grandpa loved each other and worked side by side to create this beautiful farm that our dad and us call home. 




Our dad, Paul Steckler (8th child in line) currently owns and operates the farm today. As the world changes and agriculture practices evolve so has our little farm. Currently the farm raises beef cattle from birth to finishing, plants and harvests row crops, produces hay for sale, raises dairy replacement heifers and runs a custom silage chopping business. Over the years this farm has become extremely diversified, but the core of our dad’s farming legacy has been serving other area farmers. The diversification could not have been possible without the amazing farmers that work with him everyday. Together we are able to provide feed for a lot of area cattle! 


In addition to serving farmers in the community, the 3rd generation, Olivia, Tabby, Gina, and Kendra aim to serve the rest of the community by providing high quality, locally raised beef and pork. Our farm has been raising animals since grandma and grandpa arrived in 1958. First it was dairy and then beef, and our entire farm revolves around caring for the animals and raising their food.  The beef we sell is raised on our farm from start to finish and we currently purchase the feeder pigs from a local farm and raise them until they are ready for processing. Our family prides ourselves in the quality of animals we raise and strive to bring you along on the journey of raising them. Farming is not only our business but a way of life that we whole-hardly believe in sharing with all of you! 



Welcome to the farming family! If you want to learn more about how we raise the animals, check out our blog posts or YouTube videos! 


About the cows

Steckler Family Meat Co. beef has been raised on our farm from weaning to finishing. We source calves (between 6-9 months old) from our own cow herd or from local herds across the county.  Our cow herd consists of black and red angus crossbred cattle. A well balanced crossbred cow is important in our herd because it brings genetic diversity, increased adaptability, and better production. In addition to high quality genetics, nutrition for our cows throughout the year is extremely important. The cows are out on pasture for 6-9 months of the year eating grass. We use a rotational grazing system during this period. By rotational grazing, the cows will move to different sections of pasture and while they are grazing a new section, the previous sections will have time to rest and regrow. During the growing season we harvest grass forages and corn silage at its peak nutrition and use this to feed our cows in the winter. Our cattle in the growing period receive a complete balanced diet throughout the year from those ingredients we harvested during the growing season. Finally, our farm works hard to provide the best life for the animals we raise.  Follow along with our farm as the seasons change and we will explain in more detail how our cattle are raised.


About the Pigs


Our process for the hogs we raise starts off a little different than our cattle do. We buy weaned pigs from a local farm that has an amazing genetics program and that raises high quality piglets for us to raise. The pigs are raised on our farm beginning as a feeder pig. We receive the pigs when they are between 30 and 60 pounds. We raise the pigs in a group with access to indoor/outdoor housing. They are fed a mixture of corn, soybean meal, and minerals. The pigs are also fed some hay everyday and they have a variety of snacks such as pumpkins, watermelons, veggies, and baked goods.

olivia lamey

I’m the oldest of the four, the ring leader, the chaos manager. I am a Mother of two girls by night.  I LOVE plants and producing something with my hands for others to enjoy. My younger siblings laugh at me when my me time consists of going to the library at 9pm to enjoy a free plant class.

Gina Steckler

I am the second middle child and the family outlier. I swayed away from agriculture and became a Registered Nurse. I’m the designated babysitter when everyone is out working on the farm. I love new adventures and traveling to different places. I like to spend my free time visiting family and friends, shopping, and catching up on shows i have been meaning to watch. 


meet the sisters

Tabby hurst

I am the first middle Steckler sister (the middle child) and a proud female farmer. I love spending my days outdoors with all the farm animals. When I am not following in the shadows of my oldest sister or not being as special as my youngest sister, you can find me napping, baking, or looking for my phone because it is always lost!

kendra steckler

I'm the special one, (aka the youngest) and  the one that got away with breaking all the rules.  As the youngest child I'm the most outgoing and energetic. You’ll find me either working on the farm or spending my nights out enjoying time with my friends.

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